Update Profiles in Bulk with Actions in Profile Selector

Once you have run a search in the Profile Selector, you have a number of options for working with these profiles (besides simply opening them in the Profile Browser) using the Actions dropdown above the list of results. Many of these options refer to "Selected" profiles. You can select ALL search results by clicking the checkbox in the upper left corner of the results grid, and you can also select or deselect individual rows using the checkboxes in the left column of each row. You'll see an updated count of "tagged" or selected profiles display once you choose profiles from the results. 

The following options are available to execute against the profiles in your search results:

  1. Export to CSV: exports the full list of results, with all Profile View data included. This spreadsheet will include all profile contact info, main contact information, and profile details such as status, number of employees, assign to user, etc. 
  2. Email Profiles in Search Results: opens a new draft email in the browser Communicator, with the same search that you ran in the Profile Selector loaded into the Profiles tab of the email. You can select profiles to Remove from the list after the email is created, before sending.
  3. Generate One-Time Invoice for Selected Profiles: a window opens with invoice information and the ability to create one or more line items on that invoice. Enter the Invoice Date and Due Date and a Memo if applicable, then click Add Line Item to enter the line item details. An invoice will be created on each selected profile with these values. Note that if you do not have full access to the "Revenue Module" security setting, you will not see this option. 
  4. Add Affiliations to Selected Profiles: This allows you to quickly add selected profiles to an affiliation code that you select from a dropdown of all available Affiliations
  5. Remove Affiliations from Selected Profiles: choose an Affiliation from the dropdown that appears that will be removed from all profiles that are selected that already have that Affiliation
  6. Assign Selected Profiles to Membership Level: select a Membership Level to assign to all selected profiles, and update all of the selected profiles to have all status, billing, affiliation, and other settings according to the configuration of the chosen Membership Level
  7. Create Member Activity: choose a Member Activity Type and Date to create activity records for all selected profiles
  8. Assign User to Selected Profiles: choose a User from your database to set as the "Assigned To" user for all selected profiles, overwriting any existing Assigned To users
  9. Set Profile Status on Selected Profiles: choose a Profile Status to overwrite on all selected profiles
  10. Set Selected Profiles as Prospects: set all selected profiles that are not flagged as a "Member" as a Prospect profile
  11. Create Contact Record for Selected Profiles: choose a Contact Type, Date, Subject and Description to create Contacts on all of the profiles that are selected. Note that the "Talked With" field will simply be filled in with the actual selected profile, so no individual profile will be recorded within organization contact records that are created through this method. 
  12. Create Task for Selected Profiles: enter the values for a Task to be created on each of the selected profiles. All tasks will use the exact same values/dates, and be created separately on each profile. 
  13. Created Referral for Selected Profiles: choose a Referral Type and date, along with a quantity (usually 1, but may be more if the referral was provided in bulk, such as a handout at an event). This will record a Referral entry in each of the selected profiles. 
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