Add Additional Emails to a Profile

On the General Information tab when editing any profile, you can enter the primary email address for that profile. This email will be used by default in any communications sent to this profile. However, if you have additional emails you need to store for a profile (for example, personal emails for individuals or info emails for an organization), you can record them on the "Emails" tab of the Profile Browser.

1. Open the profile to which you would like to add additional emails, and click Edit.

2. Click on the Additional Emails tab, and click Add.

3. Choose the Type (your system administrator can create custom Types in your admin codes module), then enter the email and save the profile. 


If you would like to change the "Primary" email address for this profile, you can simply check the Primary checkbox for the email that you want use for communications to the profile. Note that ONLY the email marked Primary will be used in the Mass Communicator. When you change the Primary checkbox, the email address displayed on the General tab will update to match the Primary email address.


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