Add Multiple Columns to your Website Content (Premium Website)

Note that this article applies only to MC Trade clients who have purchased a Premium Website. Click here to learn more.


With this website Content Management System, you'll have hands on controls to your content and the layout.  By altering the layout of your website and creating a visual difference from page to page, you create user value which will translate into your users consuming greater depths of your content.

To create multiple columns on your web pages, you can simply drag elements beside one another on the page.  Begin by clicking on the element you want to place in a side-by-side column, then just drag the element next to the existing item:



When you are hovering over the place to the left or right of the element you want to create columns with, you will see a blue vertical space bar appear, and you can drop the element you are dragging:



A vertical spacer will appear between the columns, and they will, by default, be evenly spaced:



To move the column divider to the left or right, simply click on it and drag it to the left or right.  It will snap to any other columns already on the page, but you can hold down your "shift" key to override this.  Finally, click the Spacing dropdown for any column spacer to determine whether the space between the two columns is small or large.



*NOTE* - if you drag an image next to a block of text, the text will wrap around the image automatically instead of creating two completely separate columns.


Use this method to create as many columns as necessary on your page - as you continue to drag and drop elements next to each other, more columns will be created.


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