How to Update Favicon (Premium Website)

What is the favicon?

The favicon is the small image that is displayed in the browser tab of the site you are visiting.  Adding one to your site is a simple way to make your logo even more memorable for visitors and make your link stand out in a list of bookmarks.

How can I change my favicon?

1. In the website editor, select Settings

2. On the General section you will see a button to Upload your favicon

3. After uploading, select Publish


Favicon Image Requirements

1. The image must be square. A rectangular image of any kind will fail on upload.
2. The image must be saved as a .jpg, .png, or .ico file.
3. 64 pixels by 64 pixels is the ideal size for the image, though it's also okay to have one that's larger or smaller (no smaller than 16x16 and no larger than 100x100 are good rules of thumb and will ensure your favicon looks great).
4. If the upload is a success, you'll see the favicon on your Settings page.

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