Enable Google Site Search on your Website

In order for your Google Site Search function to work correctly and appear within your website, you will need to provide MemberClicks with your custom embed code from Google to enable your custom search engine:

 To get a Google Custom Search Engine embed code:

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/cse/ and log in with your Google account for your website.
  2. Under Sites to Search, enter: www.yourdomain.org in the first line and enter web.yourdomain.org in the second line
  3. Click 'Create'
  4. Click the "Get Code" button.
  5. Copy the Code in the 'Grey Box' and submit a Support Ticket with the included code.


If you navigate away trying to customize it further and you can't find the code:

  1. In the left side navigation, click Edit Search Engine -> Setup
  2. While  on the "Basic" tab and in the "Details" section halfway down the page, find the "Get Code" button and click it.


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