How to sort and group event items in the new export

Here are a couple of options you can use to sort and group event items.  

1. Select all the columns with data.​
2. From the Home menu in Excel, choose Sort & Filter and choose Custom Sort...

3. Then start with the first item or most important item and set each one to be sorted by as a level.  

4. Now it will sort them in order so that you can see how many of each that they have purchased.  

You can also use the grouping feature. 
1. Select all the columns with data.
2. Click on Sort & Filter and choose Filter

3. You will now have drop-downs in each heading to click to filter.

4.  Now you can select one or more answers to pull specific data.

5. You can do this across all the items to get custom filtering of different purchase combinations. 

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