Change your Logo (Premium Website)

This article covers how to change the logo image on your Premium website in the 'Build' section by replacing the existing logo image with a new logo image. After you access your MemberClicks website editor through MC Trade, follow the steps below.

1. Find your logo in the upper left and hover over your logo image with your mouse

2. Select the 'Trash Can' icon to delete the current logo image

3. Select 'Yes, Remove' button to delete the current logo image

4. Hover over the space where your organization name text appears now and select the 'Logo' button

5. Drag and Drop your new logo image into the window or select the 'Upload a photo from your computer' button

6. 'Publish' your site to apply your new logo changes to the live site

7. Be sure to refresh your template pages by using the clear template cache page provided by our On-Boarding Specialist during implementation of your website, if you no longer have the link, please contact Support by using the 'Chat' widget in the bottom right of your screen or Submit a Request and we will provide it.

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