Classroom: Permissioning Classroom Content through iMIS

There are currently two ways to automatically have users added to permissioned groups from iMIS into Classroom. This article will explain the setup required within both Classroom and iMIS.

Setting up Groups

If you would like to permission specific content only to a certain set of users, the first thing you will want to do is set up a group within Classroom and give that group permission to access the appropriate package(s). First, you will add the group(s) in Classroom by navigating to Groups > Group Management and creating the appropriate group(s).



Enter a Group Description if desired, ensure the "visibility" check box is selected, and click Save.  When "Visibility" is selected, and the Group is assigned to a package, only users in that group will be able to access the content of the package.


Important note: Whatever the name of the Member Type within iMIS, you must name the Classroom group the exact same way. If the group name and Member Type do not match exactly (capitalization, punctuation, etc.), the integration will not work correctly and users will not be added to the Classroom group.


Adding users to groups through Member Types

Once you have a group set up within Classroom that matches the name of Member Type in iMIS and have assigned that type to the member, the next time that user logs into Classroom, they will automatically be added to the appropriate group and gain access to any packages for which that group is permissioned. Note that if you add a learner manually to a group directly in Classroom, and that group is tied to a Member Type in iMIS at all, the learner will be removed from the group automatically if they are not part of that Member Type. If you want to add learners that do not have Member Types in iMIS, you'll need to manage those groups manually directly in Classroom.

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