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This article will explain how to add CEUs to courses within the Classroom, and how CEUs can flow back into an MC Trade learner's profile. 

Adding a CEU in Classroom

To add a CEU, you will click the "Add CEU" button within any course you are creating.




Once you've clicked Add CEU and the CEU fields appear, you can either select a CEU you've previously created from the CEU Type dropdown to assign that to the course, or you can create a new CEU type by keeping "Add new CEU type" selected in the dropdown, giving the CEU a name, and filling out any other applicable fields

  • Type Name: This field will name the CEU. (Note: if you are using MC Trade and want the CEU to flow into the learner's MC Trade profile upon earning it, you must ensure that whatever you name it matches exactly how the CEU Type is named within MC Trade). 

  • Units: This is where you can assign the amount of units that will be earned for this CEU type for this exact course. Since you can assign the same CEU type to multiple different courses, you can assign the appropriate amounts of units for each different course.

  • Expiration Days: If the CEUs for the course you are creating should expire after a certain amount of time from when the learner earns them, you can add in an amount of days after which the credits will expire. For example: if the earned credits should expire within one year after the learner earns them, you would type 365 into this field. 



CEU Management

To manage existing CEUs, you can navigate to Learning Center > CEU Management


You can then click the pencil icon next to any existing CEU to edit either the CEU name or expiration period for each (Note: you cannot delete any CEU that is currently assigned to a course. To delete, you will first want to delete the CEU from the course, and then you will be able to delete from the management area). 



Earned CEUs flowing back into MC Trade profiles

If you would like CEUs earned within Classroom to automatically record to a learner's profile within MC Trade, you will want to ensure the following:

  1. You have created a CEU source of "LMS" in MC Trade
  2. You have created a CEU Type in MC Trade for each CEU you add in Classroom

Once the source and type exist in MC Trade, CEU's will be automatically added to the learners MC Trade profile once they earn them in the Classroom




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