Classroom - Uploading SCORM Content

This article will show you how to upload and manage SCORM courses within Classroom. NoteThe ability to upload SCORM content requires that you have purchased the SCORM compatible functionality for Classroom. If you do not currently have the SCORM compatible version but would like to learn more, please reach out to our Customer Success team at

Uploading a Course

To upload a SCORM course, you will navigate to the Courses area of the admin portal (Learning Center > Courses) and at the top right, click the option to "Add SCORM course" 



On the following screen, you will then upload your SCORM package file and name the course, and fill out all other course fields as you regularly would


Once you've uploaded your course and saved, you will notice that a SCORM course looks slightly different on your Courses page than any courses that are not SCORM. The reason for this is because, since all course items (lessons and assessments) exist within the SCORM file you uploaded, you are not able to make edits to these items within Classroom. Therefore, you are not able to click into the course to make edits the same way you can with a normal course.



From this step, you are then able to package the course as you would with any other course. The learner experience will feel the same regardless if they are taking a SCORM course or a course created within Classroom.



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