Create a Button Link on your Website (Premium Website)

Note that this article applies only to MC Trade clients who have purchased a Premium Website. Click here to learn more.

In the content of your website, you can add "buttons" with custom text that draw your website visitor's eye and make a clear action/link for them in your content.

To add a button to your page, simply click on the Button element and drag to the area of your page you want the button to appear:



To edit the text of the button, click on the "Button Text" to get a cursor and then backspace/highlight to overwrite this default text with what you want your button to say:


Once you have edited the text of the button, you can format the button's size/style and justification of the text on the button.  To make the button clickable, click the Link option on the button toolbar:


Choose one of the four options provided (see below).  If you are linking to another website, it is recommended that you select the "Open in New Window" checkbox.  You can also link to an existing page on your website, upload a file to link to (PDF, etc.), or link to an email address to open a new message to that email when clicked:


Click Save. 


NOTE: if you would like to link to one of your dynamic MC Trade pages, for example an Online Directory page or category, an event registration page, etc., you will use the first option listed in the Link window above, "Website URL."  You can copy and paste in the full URL of the directory/event/etc. page (which you can see in your browser when viewing that page).

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