Multiple Accounting Packages/Gateways in Online Bill Pay: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Accounting Packages/Gateways:

Q: My member is getting an error when processing their credit card, and I received this email with the details. How can I fix the problem?

A: There a number of reasons a member might see a message telling them their card cannot be charged. If cannot charge the card, it will pass a message to your website indicating the problem (address mismatch, expired card, etc.). However, if the problem is with your MC Trade settings, we'll send you an email saying that a charge was attempted, but a configuration error prevented the charge from going through. Below is a list of messages you may see in the email if an error occurs.

  • Accounting package mismatch and no default payment type selected on accounting package “Sample" (ID 1).
    Set your default payment type by going to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings. Click the Accounting Package Integration tab and choose payment type in the Payment Type Default dropdown. Click here for more details.
  • Accounting package mismatch and no gateway is selected on payment type 1.
    Make sure your default payment types are set as Credit Card payment types and have a gateway assigned. To do this, go to Admin> Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Payment Types. Click here for more details.
  • An error has occurred while processing an online payment and the transaction could not be voided. You should manually create the payments for the invoices below.
    This means that we were able to successfully charge the credit card to the correct gateway, but encountered an error when trying to apply the payment in MC Trade. We attempt to void payments in this case to avoid a discrepancy, but when we cannot, you'll see this message with the specific invoice(s) that were paid, so that you can manually record the payment in MC Trade.

Q: Can I use two different gateways within the same accounting package?

A: No, each accounting package can have only one default gateway in Online Bill Pay. You can always use a different gateway for event payments, but if you do not have two accounting packages, the Online Bill Pay page will always use only your default gateway for that accounting package.

Q: My online bill pay page is applying the right payment type, but the money is going into the wrong credit card gateway. What happened?

A: The payment type is assigned to the wrong gateway. To ensure payment types are tied to the correct gateway, go to Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Payment Types, and refer to the "Credit Card Gateway" dropdown on each credit card payment type.

Q: What if I have invoices/payment types without any accounting package (None)? Will I still be able to use multiple gateways?

A: Yes, as long as you have a default payment type that is also not assigned to any accounting package. The system default for online payments can be set in Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings in the Online Payments tab. If an invoice line item does not have an accounting package, this payment type (and corresponding gateway) will be used. For this  to work correctly, the payment type you indicate here must have its accounting package also set to "None."

Q: I have a second gateway that I only want to use for event registrations. How can I make sure that gateway is not used in Online Bill Pay?

A: Gateways are always attached to payment types before they can be used. In this case, you need to have at least two credit card payment types within the accounting package - for example, "Credit Card - General" and "Credit Card - Events," tied to the appropriate gateways in your payment type setup. As long as you do not indicate "Credit Card - Events" as the default for any accounting package, that payment type will not be available in Online Bill Pay. In your events, you can then indicated "Credit Card - Events" as the payment type for your event items.

Q: My Optional Revenue Item has its own payment type, but the Online Bill Pay page isn't using it. Why?

A: If you've selected a specific payment type for an optional revenue item and have more than one accounting package/gateway, the default payment type for the accounting package will override the optional revenue item. You can see optional revenue item details in Admin > Manage Codes > Revenue Codes > Optional Revenue Items. We will be releasing a further enhancement to allow for unique payment types/gateways on optional revenue items, but at this time the accounting package default payment type will be used.

Q: Is there a way to tell whether a member paid with a saved card on file vs. a new card?

A: Yes, under Revenue > Credit Card Payment Processing. Select the date range and gateway you'd like to see, and click Refresh. Find the transaction you'd like to review, and scroll to the right until you see the "Transaction Result" column. Expand the column to view the full message, and if the charge was made with a saved card, you'll see an response that says "Card on File / Saved Profile." At this time we do not this indicated anywhere on the actual profile; only here in the Credit Card Payment Processing screen.

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