Classroom - Adding and configuring certificates

Upload Prepared Certificate PDF 

Once you have your certificate created and ready to go, head into your Classroom, and click Learning Center > Certificates. Once there, click New. Create a title for your certificate. Make sure the name is obvious so you know at a glance what course it belongs to. Then upload your certificate PDF that has been prepared with merge fields. 



Once you've uploaded your certificate file, you will then want to complete the rest of the fields for the certificate:



Email Message: The text you include here is what will appear in the email that the learners receive that includes their certificate file. 

Conditions - Sessions: The session conditions for a certificate are what the learner must have completed in order to earn the certificate. It is important to note that conditions for certificates use AND logic, not OR logic. What this means is that everything you include as a condition is what the learner must complete in order to receive the certificate. For example, if you list two sessions as a condition, you are saying the learner must have completed BOTH of them to get the certificate - not either/or. 

Conditions - CEs: The CE conditions require that the learner must have earned the CEs listed there in order to receive the certificate. Similar to session conditions, CE conditions use AND logic, meaning that users will need to have earned ALL the CEs you list in order to earn the certificate. (Note: this section is saying what CEs a learner must already have in order to earn a certificate, it is NOT the area where you award CEs. Awarding CEs that can be earned needs to be done at the course configuration level). 

Expiration: The expiration area is where you can say whether or not a certificate expires. If a certificate does have an expiration, the system will then prompt you to enter how many days until it expires after being earned. Additionally, it will ask if users should receive a reminder about the expiring certificate, and allows you to choose when those reminders should be sent.


Once you've configured all of your settings, click Save! You should now see your certificate in the list of available certificates. Now, any time a learner meets the necessary conditions, they will receive an email with the certificate, and they will also see all of their certificates when they go to My Account and then My Certificates.

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