Classroom - Inserting Links for Zoom, GoToMeeting, and More

This article will review how to use Classroom to organize virtual sessions and workshops in conjunction with a third party conferencing tool. 

First Step: Decide how to Organize your Content or Sessions

Where you will ultimately decide to place your meeting links will depend on how you choose to organize your online content, sessions, workshops, etc. Classroom is flexible in that you are able to insert links in many places, so your first step will simply be determining how best to present all of your offerings to your users. 

Inserting Links

Once you've determined how to structure your content, you are then able to use the description area at either the course or package level to insert a link. In this example, we will be using the description area at the course level. 

To begin, navigate to Learning Center > Courses and click the blue pencil icon next to the course where you would like to insert a link to a third party conferencing tool.


On the following screen, in the Long Description area, you are able to insert text or images to include any link. To insert a link onto text, simply highlight the text that should become a link and then click the link icon. Similarly, to add a link to an image, click on the image so that it is selected, and click the link icon. On the modal that pops up, insert the link you are using (a link to a Zoom or GoToMeeting session, or to any other destination the user should be taken to upon clicking). 

Tip: you can make links to click more appealing by either creating or finding a "Click Here" image to use to give the appearance of a button on the screen. 



Now, on the front end of your site, your users will see the page you've created with the link(s) to you've created!


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