Managing Profile Status Codes

Profile Status Codes identify the "status" - primary standing/status, type, level or role - of a Profile, defined uniquely by you. This code will be assigned in each Profile's General tab.
Profile Status Codes are typically used to identify a Member Profile's standing such as Active, Leadership Circle Member, Subsidiary, etc, and can be color-coded for further help identifying status when searching and viewing profiles. Non-member Profile Status can be used to identify why the profile is in the database - Former Member, Vendor, etc. They can be automatically assigned or changed through the Member Level Management and Drop Automation features.
1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes. Click on the Profile Codes section and then Profile Status.

2. Click New. 

3. Enter the name of the new Profile Status Code.

4. Enter the description of the new Profile Status.

5. If you would like MEMBER profiles who have this Status to display a different colored icon than the default red color, select one of the other colored icons. (Non-Member profile icons will always appear gray, regardless of Status).

5. Click Save.

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