Managing Affiliation Codes

Affiliation Codes are lists that you want to assign Profiles to. They come in handy when you are trying to quickly and easily keep track of Profiles that are either on or not on a particular list, such as an interest list or Committee. They also play in activating other features in MC Trade:

  • Providing discounts on Event Registrations
  • Accessing exclusive Web Content Records
  • Having a badge/icon or filter appear on a Directory Listing
  • Enabling members to personalize their membership and preferences with you
  • Running mailing labels or exports from MC Trade

MC Trade allows you to create as many Affiliation Codes as you need. Every Affiliation Code is organized by Affiliation Code Type, so that they are more easily found and identified. Before you create Affiliation Codes, make sure you create the corresponding Affiliation Code Type that should be used. 

Follow these steps to create and manage Affiliation Codes:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, then click Profile Codes > Affiliations. The Affiliation Codes screen appears.
  2. Click Add an Affiliation.
  3. In the Code field, enter the name of your new Affiliation Code.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description of your new Affiliation Code. This is what your users will see when they update their Affiliation Codes in your Members Only Area.
  5. In the Affiliation Code Type drop-down menu, select the Affiliation Code Type your new Affiliation Code will be organized under. Note: Make sure you have an appropriate Affiliation Code Type before you create new Affiliation Codes.
  6. If you want an image to be displayed on the online directory listing of any member who has this Affiliation Code, enter the url of your image in the Icon Image URL field. If not, skip to step 9. 
The recommended icon size is no larger than 60 pixels tall and 60 pixels wide.
  1. If your Icon image should be linked to another web page, enter the url in the Icon Navigation URL field.
  2. In the Icon Text field, enter any text you want to display in case the Icon Image is not available, or when a user hovers over it in the directory.
  3. If this Affiliation Code should be shown in the Members Only section of your web site, click the Show in Members Only box. Doing this will allow your members to manage this Affiliation on their own in the "Stay Informed" page of your web site.  When the member selects/deselects an affiliation code, it will automatically update the member's profile in your database.
  4. If the Affiliation Code should be available for web searches in your Front Desk tool, click the Available for Web Searches box. Doing this will allow your Front Desk system to search and record referrals for Profiles assigned to this Affiliation Code. It will also allow the Affiliation Code to be available as a filter option if you have Affiliation Filters enabled in your online directory.
  5. Click the Save button. The new Affiliation Code will now appear in the Affiliation Codes date grid below.
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