Classroom - Adding Custom Fields

This article will explain how to add custom registration fields to Classroom. 

What is it?

The Registration Fields in Classroom are what many organizations would refer to as their custom fields. In short, these fields are a means of capturing any data that is specific to your organization and storing it on a learner's profile within Classroom. These fields can then be merged onto certificates if necessary.

 How to set up custom fields

When logged in as an admin, click the gear settings icon at the top right of the admin home screen. On the page that follows, scroll down and click the "Registration Fields" link:



On the following screen, you are able to add any new field by clicking the "Add Field" button at the top right. The new field will be added to the bottom of your list, where you can rename it according to your needs, and also use the checkboxes to decide whether or not the user should be able to view this field on their profile. 


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