Export Mailing Information to Excel


How do I export an Excel sheet of mailing information for a specific set of profiles?



There are many different mailing export reports that allow you to export lists of member data directly to Excel, to be used in mail merges, sent to print services, etc.

1. On the main menu, go to Reports > Run a Report, then click open the Profile Reports menu, then the Mailing Exports sub-menu.

2. Choose the report based on the group of members you want to find - all members, dropped members, by Affiliation Code (group), etc.

3. After running the report, you can click the Export icon in the upper left corner of the report. Choose Excel as the file type, and save the export to any location on your computer.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can also export data with email information to Excel from several different areas of MC Trade, including saved queries as well as the Profile Selector results grid (in the Actions menu).



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