Classroom - Course Setup Hierarchy

This article explains the hierarchy of how Packages, Courses, Chapters, and so on, all come together within the system. 


Understanding the Structure

As you are thinking through how to best set up your content in the system, you might be wondering how to structure and sort things in a way that makes sense for your needs. To do so, you'll first want to consider the structure of how the different parts of the system work:


Packages - Packages are the highest level of the setup structure, as they can house all courses in order to display them to your learners. If building course materials in the Learning Center is thought of as the staging area, creating a package can be thought of as the publishing hub where the course becomes visible and ready for consumption on the learner-facing site, your Classroom. Note: the course will not show on your learner-facing site without being published through Packages.

Courses - A course is where you are putting all the pieces together in order for your learner to move seamlessly through a learning experience. The course is broken into chapters, lessons and assessments. Your learner cannot see these items until they are made into a Package.

Chapter - A chapter is the top item in a course under which all sessions fall, whether those sessions are lessons, assessments, or both. You can give your chapters whatever name makes sense within the context of your course offering. You can easily go back and rename chapters at any time for convenience and flexibility. Finally, you can have unlimited chapters within your course.

Session - A session is a part of a chapter which contains lessons and assessments. You can have unlimited sessions per chapter. Many customers have one or two lessons that need to be consumed prior to the learner taking an assessment to prove their proficiency in the presented content.

Lessons and Assessments - A lesson is where you present a file(s) to your learner in order to encourage mastery on a particular subject. An assessment is an exam or quiz you set up for your learners to take in order to prove their content mastery. 


Putting it all together

With the hierarchy in mind, your starting place will always be getting a course created (since your course will house all of your content, lessons, and assessments, but you cannot create a package until a course is ready). Within your course, you can begin to create chapters, which can then house your lessons and assessments. Once you have added all of your learning content to your course, when you are ready to make this offering available to your learners, you can then turn it into a package and you're good to go!

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