Configure Online Payment Receipt

When a member logs in to your Members Only section on your website to pay an invoice, an email receipt can be sent to them automatically indicating the item(s) they purchased, the payment method, and total. You can configure this automatic receipt option in your Admin section.

  1. Go to Admin > Global Settings, and click on Online Payment Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page, check the box "Enable Credit Card Fees in Member Portal."
  3. To enable automatic receipts, check the "Enable Automatic Receipts for all Website Payments" checkbox. If this box is not checked, NO receipt will be sent.
  4. Enter the email address and name from which you would like this email to be sent to your member. Keep in mind that if they "Reply" to the receipt, this email address will be used.
  5. Enter the subject line you would like to display on the emailed receipt. This will be the same for all receipts sent, regardless of the type of invoice being paid.
  6. The receipt will automatically include the billing contact information, your association name, the date, and invoice/payment info. If you'd like to add some custom text to the receipt, enter it in the "Text to display on the receipt" box. This will appear on the receipt above the invoice/payment info.
  7. Click Save.

Below is a sample receipt, which will be sent to the email address entered when entering payment online. This receipt will also be used if you use the "Send Receipt" feature on a payment in your database.


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