Create and Manage Project Template Tasks

A Project Template is a project that your organization does often or repeats. Project Template Tasks will save you time when you need to create a set of tasks such as new member retention tasks, so you will not have to setup the project over and over. Project Types must be created first, and you can create the Template task that should be created within that type when generating tasks in a profile or your system in general.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes, and click Task Codes, then Project Template Tasks. Click Add a Project Template Task.


2. Select a Project Type. These are codes created by your organization's administrator, and will be the "trigger" that you use to tell the system the set of tasks you want to generate.

3. Give the Task a title/description of what needs to be done.

4. Choose the user the Task is 'Assigned To.'

5. The Assigned By field will be defaulted to the current user name but you may override this if necessary.

6. Choose the Task Type. 

7. Enter the number of days after the project is started/created that you want this task to be due in the 'Days from start date to due date' field. For example, if you want a task to be due 30 days after the project you create using this template is started, enter '30' here. Then, if a project using this template is started on June 1st, the specific task you are creating will be due on June 30th.

10. If there is someone who needs to be notified when this task is completed, enter their email address(es) here. You can comma-separate multiple emails.

11. Click Save.

12. The task will appear in the grid. Repeat these steps to add as many tasks as necessary to the template.


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