MailChimp Integration

MailChimp users can set up an integration with MC Trade to sync profile data to a single Audience in MailChimp with different tags based on database values, as well as pass email communication records from MailChimp into profile Contact records in MC Trade. The sync can happen manually through the browser interface, and can also be scheduled to occur automatically once each night. 

What information is passed from MC Trade to MailChimp?

In Admin > Global Settings in the Integrations > Email Providers tab, choose which profiles you would like to send to MailChimp. You can select all main contacts of members, all profiles set to receive communication for a Member, and/or you can select the Affiliation codes in MC Trade that you would like to use in MailChimp. In the "MC Trade" audience that is created, each contact in MailChimp will have a "Tag" for either Member (as a main contact/receives communication profile related to a member, based on your settings), or the name of the Affiliation code(s) you've selected to sync. All profiles that meet that criteria will have the following information sent to MailChimp:

  • Profile Name
  • Email Address**
  • Address
  • Phone Number

If a profile is synced because it is linked to a member or has one of the Affiliation codes you've selected, but then on a subsequent sync it does NOT qualify for one or more of those tags, the tag will be removed from the MailChimp contact record. If a profile no longer meets any of the criteria for syncing, it will be archived in MailChimp.

** The email address always must be the key unique identifier for a contact in MailChimp. Therefore if you change the email address on a profile it will remove the tags from that MailChimp contact, but will not completely unsubscribe or delete that email address from the audience in MailChimp. The old email address will still in in the audience, just with no tags to associate it with a particular list. 

Click here for instructions on manually syncing profiles/lists from MC Trade to MailChimp.

What data is passed from MailChimp to MC Trade?

During the automated sync, email communications that have been sent to the users synced through the integration will be created as Contact records in MC Trade. For each subscriber/profile, a Contact Record will be created with that day’s date and the subject line of the communication as the Contact Subject.

  • Create Contact record on the profile of the subscriber
  • Contact Type = use type from config settings
  • Subject = Mailing Name
  • Contactee = From name in the MailChimp mailing
  • Contact Date = Mailing date

In addition, any subscribers who select to unsubscribe from all emails through the MailChimp platform will have their profile flagged as Do Not Email in MC Trade.

How do I enable this integration?

In MC Trade, go to Admin > Global Settings, then click the Integrations tab. Click on the Email Providers tab. In the MailChimp section, enter your administrative username and API Key.

In addition, for the integration to allow access, MailChimp will verify your "sender" information based on the contact fields in Association Info. To verify all of your organization's contact information is available, go to Admin > Association Info and make sure the following fields are populated:

  • Address 1
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email

What Configuration Settings are available in MC Trade?

In the Email Providers tab where the MailChimp integration is enabled, there are two configuration options:

  • Contact Type: select a default Contact Type that will be used for all Contacts created through the integration from MailChimp
  • Member Related Profiles: select whether you would like Main Contacts or all profiles flagged to Receive Communication on behalf of a member to be populated to your "Members" tag on the Audience in MailChimp
  • Affiliations: select all of the MC Trade Affiliation Codes to be used to create tags in MailChimp

You also have the option to configure the integration to run automatically each night based on these settings, or keep the automation disabled and manage the integration manually only.

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