Adding Text to Your Site (Premium Website)

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Elements are the building blocks of a site. All of your text, pictures, videos and other great content (aside from a few exceptions like header images, which we’ll cover later) are added via elements.

Content is King

The 'content' of your website is the most important aspect.  “Content is King” is the most common phrase you'll hear, but what does it mean?  You might have an eye-catching web site, but if the content is lacking or not relevant then there is a high likelihood the visitor will not stick around.

When writing the copy for your website, it’s important to provide helpful, knowledgeable information about your company, products, services, etc. If you’re running a blog, informative articles related to your area of expertise are incredibly helpful as well.

Adding Content to Your Website

Let's take a look at the steps to take to insert content into your website with the simple text content element in the Content Management System (CMS).  Adding an element to a site is as simple as clicking on that element and dragging it to a page.  Let's drag the most basic element -- the Text element -- to this sample site.


The text element is exactly what it sounds like: an element for writing text. Click inside the element to start writing.


You can write a word, a sentence, or multiple paragraphs in a single element.


As you write, take note of the gray toolbar at the top of the element. This is the text toolbar and it allows basic changes to the formatting of your text. It works much like any other such toolbar normally works: select the text you want to change and click the appropriate button to make that change.


The enhancements you can make to the content are as follows:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Increase font size
  • Decrease font size
  • Font color
  • Add a link
  • Align copy (left, center, right)
  • Create unordered list
  • Create numbered list

Additionally, you can remove formatting that was applied or you can undo/redo the last changes made.


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