Audit Trail Tracking

When changes are made by users in certain screens/workflows, the system tracks a "change log" to indicate the previous value, what the value was changed to, and the date and time the user made the change.

You can access this audit trail data by running one of the following reports under Reports > Run a Report in the Admin Reports section: 

  • Financial Transaction Audit
  • Audit Trail History
  • Audit Trail for Specified Profile ID

The following chart indicates the data tables that are tracked in the audit trail, as well as the screens and workflows that will log data to the audit trail. Some background processes as well as automated or online workflows do not record data to the audit trail - only the specific features listed here will populate the audit trail report. In addition, some public/web component submissions may intermittently record to the audit trail for logged-in or anonymous users in certain circumstances, however these public application pages are not currently supported, only the back-office authenticated users are supported. 

Data Table Workflows included in Audit Application
  • New Profile (from main menu or relate a new profile)
  • Edit Profile (from Profile View, Related Profiles, or Profile Selector)
  • Membership Level settings change (Profile Status field)
  • Profile Selector Actions (except Membership Level)
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
  • Edit Profile (from Profile View, Related Profiles, or Profile Selector)
  • Membership Level change (settings update, profile ML update)
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
Affiliation Codes
  • Edit Profile (from Profile View, Related Profiles, or Profile Selector)
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
Event Registrations/Attendees
  • Create/Edit registration
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
Invoice Line Item
  • Create/Edit Invoice (from Profile, Select Invoices)
  • Generate Invoices
  • Event registration
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
  • Create/Edit Invoice Screen
  • Batch apply payments
  • Generate Payment
  • Event registration
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)
  • Create/Edit Invoice Screen
  • Write off invoices in bulk
MC Trade (logged-in admin user)


Note that all audit trail settings must be on (Settings table, visible in the desktop only currently) for these items to track. 

*Profile audit tracking includes all values in the Profile table of the database, including name and all contact information, Profile Status, Membership Level value, FTE, and Assigned To/Sold By fields. It does not include relationship data or data from other linked tables such as listings, custom fields, or social media values. 


KNOWN ISSUES: if you experience one of these issues, you can report it to our Help team to ensure you are notified when the issue is resolved, or be sure to follow our Release Notes section to be notified when enhancements and bug fixes are released. 

  • The audit table sometimes attributes changes to an incorrect user under certain conditions. This appears to occur if the immediately previous entry in the audit table was made by a different user. If I make another change immediately afterward, the first of the resulting audit table entries will be attributed to that previous user.
  • Data changes created by public form submissions are attributed to specific staff users in the audit table in certain cases. 
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