Introducing the Query Tool

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  • Simple interface to quickly add fields
  • Over 25 possible data views
  • Option to add one or more filters
  • Option to add one or more sort orders
  • Option to save the query for future use
  • Keep the query private or share it with others
  • Export the data to a CSV format
  • Quickly access the resulting profiles of your query
  • Write custom SQL queries (read-only) as an alternative to adding fields


The Query Tool allows you to build a custom export based on a specific data view. For example, the “Basic Profile Info” data view contains general information such as name and mailing address, as well as membership information such as Membership Level and Member Since Date.

The Query Tool offers over 20 data views, and each group offers many fields. For example, “Basic Profile Info” has over 100 possible fields.

This custom export can be saved for future use and shared with other users. After choosing the fields, filters, and sort order, the results of the query will appear.

  • The data can be exported to CSV and opened in a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel.
  • The data can also be used to quickly access the resulting profiles. This option, to Open These Results in Profile Selector, takes you directly to the Profile Selector and automatically displays the profiles from your query, so that you can e-mail them or make changes.

Open These Results in Profile Selector creates a filter under the Advanced tab of the Profile Selector to show only specific profile IDs. So, for this to work, the profile ID must be one of the fields that you add in the Query Tool.

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