Manage Web Content Type Codes

Web Content Types
How do I add, edit or remove Web Content Types?

MC Trade organizes your Web Content by assigning Web Content Type Codes to each content record. While Web Content records can be images, reports, documents, or other files formats, you assign a Web Content Type so that you can easily keep them all organized. Typically, organizations use Web Content Records to display newsletters, board reports, images or other content on their web site. Follow these steps to create Web Content Types.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Website Codes > Web Content Types.

2. Click New. The Selected Code text fields empty.

3. In the Content Type text field, enter the name of your new Content Type.

4. In the Description text field, enter the description of your new Content Type.

5. Click Save. The new Content Type Code appears in the Codes datagrid.

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