Use the Member/Non-member pricing and affiliation codes for my event item

Issue: I want to use Member/Non-member pricing AND the affiliation codes restriction for my event item.

Resolution: You can do so, but keep in mind that both members and non members would have to have a valid login to the portal, as that is the only way the system can identify profiles with the affiliation code in question.  Depending on your current portal settings, you may have to change your current settings to allow non-members to access the Members Only section. Non-members would then login using the credentials you assign to them, and would only be able to access the non-member price for the event item.

However, if you are trying to use affiliation codes as your only means of denoting membership, this will not work  You will have to create two separate items, one called member and one non-member.  You can restrict them with the affiliation code, but you cannot use the member restriction.
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