Setup PayPal Account for MC Trade Integration

Implementing PayPal

PayPal’s technical support group informed us that we are the first company in the world to implement their direct payment application into a database management system.  This is another industry first delivered to you by MC Trade!


Please note that you must have a PayPal Payments Pro account type to integrate with MC Trade. This account type allows for back end API calls from MC Trade to your gateway.


Don't Have a PayPal Account?

The PayPal sign up part will take 3-5 days depending on your ability to access your current bank and credit card accounts on-line.

1. Sign your organization up for a PayPal account.  Go to and click on the sign-up link.  The website will guide you through the sign-up process.
2. You will choose a Business account.
3. Complete all the information and continue through the account set up.
4. We encourage you to read all the account documentation regarding restrictions, fees, etc.
5. For a Payment Solution, choose PayPal Payments Pro.


Existing PayPal Customers

1. In your account profile settings, choose to update your API Access. 

2. Click Add or Edit API Permissions.

3. Copy and Paste the following into the field 'Third Party Permission Username':


4.  Then Grant All Permissions

CHECK ALL OF THE checkboxes under Available Permissions. 


5. Click Submit. 

Once you have completed this process you will be ready to begin setup of your credit card gateway in MC Trade. Please visit the link below for the instructions.

Setup Your Gateway

*NOTE: You may be redirected to PayPal support for your account setup as we have no access to that information.  Your PayPal account is a contract between you and PayPal.

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