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Probabilty Codes
How do I add, edit or remove Sales Opportunity Probability Codes?

MC Trade allows you to assign Probability Codes to Sales Opportunities so that you know which sales are likely to close soon. This information is helpful for maintaining contact with prospects who are close to purchasing your products and services. You assign Probability Codes inside Sales Opportunities. Typically, an organization has a range of Probability Codes that go from Cold to Hot, from 0% to 100%, or any other descriptive progression. It is a best practice to change the Probability Code of a certain Sales Opportunity as the sales moves closer to completion. This way, your reporting is always up to date. Follow these steps to create Probability Codes.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Member Codes > Sales Opportunity Probabilities.

2. Click Add a Sales Opportunity Probability. 
3. In the first text field, enter the name of your new Probability Code.
4. In the second text field, enter the description of your new Probability Code.
5. Click Save. The new Probability Code appears in the Codes datagrid.

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