Take an Event Live on your Events Calendar After Go Live

Your final MC Trade data conversion will populate the basics of your event setup, and it will be necessary for a user to configure additional required settings in order to “take the event live” on your events calendar and begin accepting online registrations. Below are the minimum required settings that should be updated within each event.

Under Events > Select Events, search for the event that you would like to configure to show on your events calendar. Click on the event name to begin editing the Event Settings.  

Event General Settings: Check the box next to the “Organization” calendar type.

Event Items:
Set up an item for Registration.
If there is a cost to the item, be sure to select the appropriate revenue item and also set the price.
Check the “Is Public” box for the event item.
Set the Sales Start/End Date.
Select an Invoice Due Date.

Registration Settings:
Review the accepted Payment Methods. Click "Edit" next to each payment method you would like to have available for online registration. Click the “Available to Public” box and then save.

Registration Fields:
Check the boxes next to each field that you would like collected for the Registration Contact and/or Attendee. Also check the boxes next which fields are firmly required.

Be sure to save the event after completing the steps above.

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