Managing News Articles

MC Trade makes it very simple to post news articles to a searchable list on your website. By default, these articles display in the Member's Only section of the web components, however they can also appear on their own unique page anywhere on your website (/news).

Landing Page

Click on the Communication menu and News Articles.

All articles with an "end date" in the future will be displayed by default, but this can be adjusted in the Search News Articles panel at the top:

  • Name: This will search for articles that have titles containing that name.
  • Article Date: This will search for articles that have an article start date within that range.


Adding an Article

  1. Click Add an Article to create a new article.
  2. Enter a Title for the article.
  3. Choose a Type.

The Type is a category that you create under News Article Types (Admin menu > Manage Codes > Website Codes > News Article Types).

  1. Enter an Article Date. This will display on your website as the publication date.
  2. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the article. The article will display by default in your list of articles during this date range (it will be searchable after that by adjusting the Article Date range).
  3. Use the HTML Editor to create or paste in your content for the article. You can click the "Source" button to create, paste, or edit HTML.

  4. Click Save.

Editing an Article

  1. Next to the article (far right), click on the Actions button, and choose Edit.

  1. Make the desired changes and click Save.

Deleting an Article

This action CANNOT be undone.

  1. Next to the article (far right), click on the Actions button, and choose Delete.

  1. Click Delete to confirm.

Viewing Articles

To see a preview, scroll to the top of the landing page, and click View News Articles on Website. This will launch your branded article search page, using your organization's default domain. You can copy this URL to use in any emails/templates or to add to your website menu.  

From the preview or your website, you will see the articles listed on the right, and a filter on the left.

The filter will allow you to look at articles with a start date within the specified date range and/or articles of a specific type. You may also search for keywords that appear in the title. To view the article, you can click anywhere on the article row and it will open a new page with the full article displayed. 

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