Prepare Excel Profile Data for Importing

  1. Go to Admin > Import Profiles.
  2. In step 2 on the screen, click Download Template Here to download the template with all of the available columns/column headers. You can save this as a copy to your local file location.
  3. The MemberSince date can only be imported for new Member profiles, and any value entered here for profiles that are NOT set to be imported as members will not have this included. 
  4. Every profile that should be updated or overwritten by this import must have a value in a corresponding name column.
  5. Ensure that all of the following columns are properly set to match values already in your database:
    • Category must be an exact match to a category already in your database, or a listing will not be created for that row. 
    • All values in the Affiliation Code column(s) must already have an exact match to an Affiliation Code already in your database, or the file will not be valid.
    • Update the CustomFieldID1 and CustomFieldID2 fields to have the ID number of any custom fields you want to import values for. If the ID number you enter is not found in your database, the values will not be imported. You can find ID numbers for your existing custom fields by going to Admin > Manage Codes > Profile Codes > Custom Fields.

When importing information for an individual profile, you must use the columns with the 'Ind' prefix. For example, to import the email address for an individual profile, use the 'IndEmail' column (the regular 'Email' column would be for an organization).

  1. Save your changes, and close the spreadsheet prior to loading it into the Import tool. It is now ready for importing.

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