New Member Portal: Settings & Restricted Content

To configure the default text and menu items in your Member Portal, go to Admin > Global Settings, click Web Preferences and then Member Portal Settings.


When members log in to the MC Trade member portal, there are four default menu items at the top of the page, underneath the welcome bar: 

  • Member portal home: returns to the profile landing page for the profile the member is viewing
  • Edit this profile: allows the member to submit changes to their profile and settings
  • Pay open invoices: displays all open invoices the member has access to pay, with print and payment options
  • Relationships: display the profiles to which the member is related, including edit capabilities for those related profiles where allowed


You also can add a fifth menu item, which will drop down to allow for other external links, links to other web components, and custom restricted content. To set up this additional set of pages/menu items:

  1. Go to Admin > Global Settings and choose Web Preferences, then Member Portal Settings
  2. Enter the label you want to use for the dropdown list of additional menu items (e.g. "Other Resources")
  3. Click Add a Menu Item, and enter the name of the item as you want it to appear on your portal
  4. Select the type of link for this item. External URL will prompt you for any URL to any page/third party site. System Page** will allow you to choose an MC Trade web component page, and pass the authentication of the portal to that new page. 
    1. NOTE that System Pages currently consist of legacy members-only pages that are not yet rebuilt in the new format. When a member clicks any of these links, they'll be taken to the old portal page, without the rest of the navigation available. It is recommended that if you use these pages, you set them up to open in a new tab for easier navigation. 
  5. For custom content, select Custom Portal Content. A new selection option will appear for the Web Content records for this new page. 
    1. Select the Web Content Type of the content you want to select or create. This dropdown is configurable by you, and a best practice is to create a "type" specifically for portal content.
    2. Select any existing web content, or choose Create New Content.
    3. Use the WYSIWYG editor to create or edit the content that will appear on the page. 
    4. If you would like to further restrict this portal content to only specific Affiliation Codes, type the Affiliation into the box and select the authorized Affiliation(s). Profiles will only be able to see this content if they have one of the Affiliations selected. Affiliation Code restrictions can restrict content from being accessible by all in search engine results.
    5. Click Save.
  6. You can add as many additional menu items as you need, and drag and drop them into the order in which you want them to appear in the menu. 

Underneath the menu bar, you can add custom "welcome text" that you configure in the Portal Welcome Message section of the settings page:


This text will appear below the menu bar, and above the profile information. If you do not enter any custom text, the section will not appear at all in the portal and the first thing the member sees will be their profile and invoice information, which is generally recommended. If you do enter some custom text, we recommend keeping it simple and short to draw attention to the actions available in the portal. 

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