Purchase Item on Form Builder

The Purchase Item element on the form builder can be used to add one or more purchase items to the form. To create a Purchase Item element, go to the form builder and click "New Form Element". A small window would appear on your screen:


  • Select a Revenue Item that this Purchase Item is going to be associated with. This will be used for creating the invoice
  • If the revenue item you select is using a pricing structure and you want to use the pricing calculation for this purchase item, check the box "Use Pricing Calculation". Click to learn to know more on how to use pricing calculation. 
  • You can then set this Purchase Item to "Create a recurring billing record". You can set it up to be billed Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly. The submission date is used as the anchor day, month and year.
  • If not using a Pricing calculation, you can set a price for the Purchase Item. You can also let the submitter enter a custom amount and make it required.

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