BETA: Configuring who can access your Member Portal

You can determine exactly which profiles are given access to your Member Portal using the configuration setting in the Admin menu. Follow these steps to configure your access to the Member Portal:

Please note these settings also apply to the legacy member portal. Go to Admin > Configuration Settings and select Setting Group: Profile Portal Settings. The following screen appears.


Types of Access Levels:

  • Members Only - Only the Profile marked as the Member can log in. Profiles Related to the Member will not have access.
  • Members and Main Contact - Only the Profile marked as the Member and the Related Profile marked as the Primary Contact will have access. This is a maximum of 2 Profiles per member.
  • Members and Primary Relations - Only the Profile marked as the Member and all Related Profiles who are related by a Primary Relationship Type will have access. Primary Relationships are generally Employees, Corporate Owners, etc. Relationships like Former Employee are generally a non-Primary Relationship.
  • Members and Any Related Profiles - Only the Member and any Profile related to that member will have access.
  • Any Active Profile - This level will allow anyone with a user name and password to access your Members Only Area.
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