Edit an image scroller on your website (browser version)

If you have a header or footer on your website that dynamically scrolls images (usually sponsor logos), you'll need to edit those slightly differently than you edit other content, to make sure the scrolling function does not break.

If you are going to be adding a new image, you need to first upload that image:

1. Go to Communications > Manage Web Content.

2. Click New Web Content. Enter a title, choose Image as the Format, and assign it to a Content Type. 

3. Click Upload File, and find the image file on your local files/network. Click Save. NOTE: before uploading the image, make sure that you have formatted and sized it appropriately.  You can see what dimensions the other logos on your site use by right-clicking on them and choosing "View Image Info" (or "Properties," depending on your browser).

4. If the image you just uploaded isn't visible in the grid, enter all or part of the title and click Run This Search. Locate the content, then click Copy URL.


You now need to add that image's URL to the scroller code:

1. Search for the content record containing the slideshow/scroller.  It is usually named "Top Scroller" or "Bottom Scroller," etc. Click Edit.

2. Use the editor to remove/add images that you want to display, in the order you want to display them. You can click the "Source" button to view the HTML code of this content, if you want to just replace the image URL directly in the code. Otherwise, you can place the image you just copied using the mceclip0.png button in the HTML Editor. Paste in the URL that you just copied out of the web content image. 

5. Click Save.

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