MC | LMS - Permissioning LMS Content Through Atlas

This article will walk through how to set up events within Atlas as a means to add registrants to permissioned groups within the LMS. 

Setting up Groups

If you would like to permission specific content only to a certain set of users, you will want to set up a group within the LMS and give that group permission to access the appropriate package(s). First, you will add the group(s) in the LMS by navigating to Groups > Group Management and creating the appropriate group(s)




Important note: Whatever you name the group within the LMS, you will need to name your event within Atlas the exact same way. If the group name and event name do not match exactly (capitalization, punctuation, etc.), the integration will not work correctly and event registrants will not be added to the LMS group:



Adding Users to Groups through Event Registration

Once you have an event set up within Atlas and a group by the same name set up within the LMS, once users register for that event, the API integration will automatically add registered users to the group within the LMS, giving them access to any packages for which that group has access.


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