MC | Job Board: Track Revenue

Once you've had some activity on your job board, you'll want to be able to report on the jobs posted (and the revenue earned!)

The Track Revenue area under Manage shows a history of the transactions coming through your MC | Job Board so you can keep an eye on activity.


On this page, you'll see every transaction that has come through your job board, including the poster's name and company name, any discount code they may have used, and how much they paid to post.


  • ID: the job post ID
  • Title: the title/position that the employer entered
  • Posted Date: the date the job post was originally added
  • Employer Name: the name of the employer/company that the employer entered
  • Name: the name of the job poster - doesn't display in the job posting
  • Poster Email: the email address of the job poster - doesn't display in the job posting
  • Discount Code: the discount code used, if applicable
  • Discount Amount: the amount discounted if a discount code was used
  • Amount Paid: the total amount paid (after the discount code, if applicable)

How do I get paid?

The job board is structured as a revenue share, which means that MemberClicks will take 100% of the payment initially, then pay you monthly or quarterly for your portion of the revenue earned. Organizations earning $100 or more in revenue per month will receive a payment monthly, and those earning less than $100 monthly will receive a payment quarterly. Look for an email under the subject line MemberClicks wants to pay you from with instructions on how to sign up to receive payments electronically. If you prefer to receive a paper check in the mail, you can disregard the email.

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