MC | Job Board: Manage Posts

Once you've got some posts on your board, there's a good chance you or your members may need to make edits or unpublish posts that have been filled.

Managing Posts as an Admin

The Manage Posts area under Manage is where Administrators can view and manage posts on MC | Job Board. As an Admin, you can edit posts or Unpublish them anytime.


Managing Posts as a Member

Members can also log in to edit or unpublish jobs they’ve posted using the same Manage Posts menu item.


We’ve designed this feature so that members can only edit certain fields to prevent them from editing an existing post to add a new job’s info rather than paying for a new posting.

Note: Non-member job posters who did not log in to post are not currently able to edit their own job postings (they'll need to go through an Administrator). This is on our roadmap for a future enhancement!

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