Integrating with Payroc (formerly Payscape)

*If you already have an Payroc Gateway in Atlas and are changing the values click here*

Atlas integrates with Payroc as a Credit Card Gateway so that you can securely accept online credit card payments through your website and through Atlas. Payroc utilizes as the Gateway in their consolidated payment processing offer. Below is how to integrate your Payroc account, using gateways, with Atlas.

When you get that account, you can decide whether you point it to your existing Merchant Account or if you set up a new Merchant Account with Payroc. If you run multiple entities through Entity Management Features, you can set up and run multiple credit card gateways, one for each entity.

1. In Atlas select Admin -> Set Preferences -> Application Settings 


2. Select the Credit Card Processing tab -> Select Edit/View Credit Card Gateways. The following window appears;


3. Select New

4. Enter the name of your gateway (e.g. Payroc)

5. Set the Gateway Type to

6. Enter the AuthNet API Login, AuthNet Password and AuthNet API Trankey in the the fields available


7. Select Save.



The transaction confirmation email that is sent when a transaction is processed is configured on the Payroc side. When a transaction occurs and pings Payroc, that confirmation is triggered.

After setting up your gateway, please update your Payment Type(s)

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