Update Your Public Form Branding

By default, your online Event Registration pages and your online Join Forms use a standard template for all styles on the page, such as font, colors, and logo. You can update some of these by using a custom "Branding Template" for these pages, and selecting your preferred style elements.

Sample default online Registration form: 



First, you can update this default form by adding your logo. You'll have the ability to hide the text name of your organization, so keep that in mind when choosing which version of your logo to use.

To add a logo:

  1. Upload your logo to Atlas as web content, by going to Communication > Web Content Management > New Image Web Content. Click here for more details on uploading your image. 
  2. Next, go to Admin > Association Info and click the Logo URLs tab.
  3. In the Web Logo URL field, right-click and choose URL Selector, then select the image you uploaded in step one. Click Accept.**
  4. Click Save.

Your logo will now appear on your event registration pages next to your organization name.



Next, you can change your public form template to use a customizable version with unique font and colors. To switch to this custom version, go to Admin > Global Settings. Click on Web Preferences, then Branding Settings. (If you are in the desktop version, you'll go to Admin > Set Preferences > Branding Settings).

  1. In the Select Branding Template dropdown, choose "Custom" from the list.

  2. Under the Template Options that appear, first choose whether you want the name of your organization to display, or check the box to hide it. If you uploaded a logo that contains your organization name, we recommend hiding the header name by checking this option.
  3. To change the font, select a font from the dropdown, which will be used for the headers and body text within the page. 
  4. To change the color of the header background, click the color block. A color selector will appear, and you can move the indicators to your desired color, then click off of the selector.
  5. To change the button color, click the example button. Choose the desired color from the selector, or type/paste in the Hex code of the color you want to use.

  6. Enter the URL of your website Favicon, if desired. This should be the image URL used in your public site for the Favicon. 
  7. Click Save.

Now refresh your registration page. The default styles have been overridden with your selected font and colors.


Feedback on these settings? Let us know!




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