Creating Web Pages that appear on the Members Only Quick Links

Atlas can create pages on your website that appear on the Quick Links area of your Members Only Portal. By doing this, you can ensure that these pages are only accessed by people with the proper access levels. (Note: you can determine exactly who is able to access your Members Only Portal here)

Follow these steps to create web pages accessible through your Quick Links area:

  1. Go to Communication > Web Template Manager
  2. Click the Web Menu Tree View tab
  3. Within the tree view, right click on Members Only Pages
  4. Choose “New Menu Item and New Web Page” from right click menu

  5. Enter a page name in the Menu Text field
  6. Make sure /wcportal/ is stated at the beginning of the navigation URL
  7. Click the second tab that says New Page Web Control Settings
  8. Within this area choose radio button that says “New Web Content”
  9. Select Web Content Type “Members Only” and check the box to “Open Web Content Record for Editing after Save”
  10. Save the new page (it should look like the screen below).


  11. Right-Click on the new menu item and select Edit Menu Item
  12. In the Navigate URL box, remove the "wc"from "wcportal." Click Save.


To add the content, click on the HTML content tab of the web content record, you can then click the blue link that says HTML editor to start creating the content.  It should look like the screen below:



Optionally, you can click on the Access Restrictions tab, and then you can choose to restrict it to an Affiliation. This will only restrict the content and not the page, but it is a good way to make specific content only available to members who have permission to view it. Then click Save at the top.



To get the URL to link on your website, go back to the Web Menu Tree view and right click on the page.  You will see an option to “View Menu’s URL in Browser” – you can take that URL back into the CMS editor and link it as an external link.

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