Add a New Member: Enter an Invoice and Payment

Using the Add a Member feature, you can create new profiles as members, or turn existing profiles into members. After you have entered all profile information and any related profiles for the new member, you can add the member's initial dues payment. Note that if you do not have access to the Revenue module, you will not see this step in the process.

After adding the member, click Next: Process Payment.

If you turned an existing profile into a member, that profile may have already had an open invoice to which you can apply the payment. In this case, you'll see the option to either select an existing invoice, or create a new invoice:


If you created a new profile, or if the existing profile did not have any existing invoices, the New Invoice form will be displayed. Click Add a Line Item.



A new line item is added to the invoice. You can continue to click Add Line Item to add multiple line items beneath the first.


  1. Revenue Item: select the Revenue Item for the invoice line item. Note that if you set a Membership Level for this member, the line items will auto-populate with the information from the Billing configuration for that level. If you select a taxable revenue item, the assigned tax items will appear beneath the line item.
  2. Enter the Amount in one of the Price fields (Unit Price is the most commonly used default price field used).
  3. Enter the Quantity.
  4. If you'd like to set an Apply Date for the line item other than the current date, select or enter the date.
  5. Set the Service Period Start and End Dates. Note that if there is a Default Service Period Days set on the revenue item, these dates will auto-populate with that value. If no default is set, and there is a standard cycle for your Membership Level billing, these dates will auto-populate with the billing cycle. Otherwise they will default to the current date.
  6. The Description will automatically populate with the Description for the Revenue Item you selected. You can click in the field to change it if necessary.
  7. If there is a Sold By user on the profile, the Sold By field for the invoice will auto-populate. You can click the dropdown to change this if necessary.

Once you have saved all invoice line item fields, you have the option to save the invoice with NO payment. To do this, click the Save Invoice Without Payment button to complete the Add a Member Process.

To add a payment, click to the Payment tab under Line Items.


  1. Select a Payment Type for the payment. You must choose a Payment Type with the same accounting package as at least one of the line items for the invoice.
  2. Enter an Amount for the payment. You cannot enter an overpayment in the Add a Member tool - the amount must be greater than $0 and less than or equal to the total amount due for the new member invoice.
  3. Enter a Payment Source (optional).
  4. Enter a Check Number and/or Reference Number if applicable.
  5. The Payment Date and Apply Date will default to the current date; you can click the calendar to change these if necessary.

At the bottom of the Payment screen, you'll see a list of all line items on the invoice, with a Payment to Apply amount autofilled based on the amount due. If you need to change where to apply the amount of the payment, you can click in the Payment to Apply fields to change the amount.

If you have an invoice with line items from multiple Accounting Packages, you will be able to select the correct Payment Type for each Accounting Package from the dropdown at the bottom right.

Once you have entered all invoice and payment information, click Save Invoice and Payment. 

Payment Terms

For advanced payment/contract terms, you can use the Payment Terms tab to split the overall new member invoice into multiple invoices with separate due dates (all other date fields in each line item remain the same). To split the invoice into multiple due dates:

1. Click Add Percentage.
2. In the 100% field, type the percentage of the total amount for the first invoice.
3. In the new "term" that appears, type the remaining percentage or a portion of the remaining percentage. The system will automatically split each line item by the percentage for the new invoice.
4. In the Days Until Due field, enter the number days until that percentage of payment for the new member invoice is due. You can manually update the Date Due if necessary as well.
5. Add percentage payment terms until they add up to a total of $0, then click Save Invoice. Note that if you do need to process a payment, it will only be applied to the first "percentage" invoice entered.


Note that with the current version of this feature, you will NOT be prompted to update the invoice based on your Related Revenue Item configuration settings. You may add line items for voluntary contributions manually, or process Rebalance related items in the Payment Selector (right-click menu). Related Revenue Item automated line items will be added to this tool in a future release.


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