ACH for Existing Invoices - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have as your payment processing gateway and are set up to accept eCheck payments, your members can choose to pay existing invoices by submitting their bank account information, and choose to save the bank account in order to quickly pay future invoices. Click here for details on how to set up the ACH payment option.

Below are some frequently asked questions relating to using the ACH payment option:

Q: I use multiple Authorize.Net gateways for my multiple Accounting Packages. Can I use the ACH Payment option?
A: No. To remain PCI Compliant, Atlas cannot save any bank information, but act as a pass-through to only. Because of this, Atlas has no bank account info to reference to determine which account to use if there are more than one. In addition, Online Bill Pay displays all open invoice, regardless of Accounting Package. A user may pay invoices from multiple accounting packages, and again the saved bank account information cannot be accessed by Atlas to determine which account to use.

Q: Can my members use stored bank accounts to pay for events?
A: At this time, the stored bank accounts will only be available on your Online Bill Pay web page. Therefore, members certainly could pay any open/unpaid event invoices on their account using a bank account, but they will not be able to select ACH as a payment option on your registration web page at the time of registration.

Q: Can my members pay for an invoice without storing their account information with us (
A: Yes! At the time of payment, members will have the option to either enter a one-time ACH payment or save the bank account information for future use.

Q: Once a member has saved their bank account information, can they choose to remove it later?A: Yes, once an account has been saved the member can remove it by clicking "Manage Accounts" on the Online Bill Pay page. They must have at least one open invoice to access the Manage Accounts section.

Q: Can I view the account information for a payment made through ACH or a stored account?
A: The actual routing and bank account numbers are stored in, and you can see the last four digits for each transactions in transaction reports. However, this information is not stored in Atlas for security purposes.

Q: I already use ACH payments through Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB). How can I tell which ACH payments are for ARB and which are just one-time payments made through the Online Bill Pay page?
A: All of your payments made via ACH will use the same payment type, however you'll be notified via email each time a one-time Online Bill Pay page payment is made (you can set who gets that email under Admin > Set Preferences > Web Preferences, then click Web Defaults > Members Only and fill in the Payment Notify Email address). You can also see all ARB payments through any reporting by using the "ARB" indicator on the billing record.

Q: My member said that they submitted payment earlier today, but they don't see a pending transaction displayed in their bank account yet. Why?
A:'s process for accepting ACH payments is not a real-time transaction. Initial verification is done to ensure that all account information is entered in the correct format, but the funds are not actually drafted from the bank account directly from the web transaction (you can read more about this in your user guide). Once the funds have actually be drafted and deposited from the account, the transaction will show in their account. This could take several days to a week, similar to a paper check.

Q: A member paid via ACH and a payment was created in Atlas, but the next day notified me that the payment was not authorized. Now what do I do, and why did this go through in the first place?
A: Initial verification is done to ensure that all account information is entered in the correct format, but if there are insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers, or mismatched account information, this information will be sent back to from the user's bank after the transactions are settled. If there are any transactions that are declined after being initially approved, you will need to manually adjust the payment in Atlas. 

Q: I use ACH for Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB) but I do not want to allow members the option to pay their existing invoices on my Online Bill Pay page using ARB. Can I turn it off without affecting my ARB transactions?
A: Yes, though our Support team will need to complete this step for you. We can turn off the ACH option in the Online Bill Pay page only through the back end web control of your website - if you'd like to do this, contact support. Remember that you ONLY need to do this step if you already use ACH for ARB. If you do not, no "Check" payment option will be available to your members until you actually set it up.

Q: If a member pays for an invoice via and ACH payment, will they get an emailed receipt?
A: As with credit card payments, there is no Atlas-generated email receipt from the Online Bill Pay page. However, you can configure your settings to send a confirmation email to the email address entered when the member submits payment that outlines the details of the payment (this is not an Atlas-controlled or -generated email).

Q: Can a member store credit card information to use for paying future invoices?
A: No, at this time only bank account information for ACH payments can be stored.

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