Revenue 101 Training Curriculum

Revenue 101 is an introductory course to help you understand and manage the primary financial activities you’ll do in Atlas. Because Atlas is a complete Accounts Receivables system, this course will focus on these fundamental financial activities:

  • Managing Billings for future invoices
  • Creating and managing invoices
  • Processing Payments and Adjustments

Once you complete Revenue 101, it is recommended that you complete the Revenue 201 and 301 courses for further learning.

Click here to see a list of upcoming Atlas 101 Training Webinars. Look at the bottom of this page to see any available recordings of past webinars.

Each item below that's linked will take you to more materials to help you with that specific feature or activity. Detailed Course Agenda:

  1. Managing Billing Records
    • Can be managed via Member Levels
    • Manual creation/editing
  2. Creating Invoices
  3. Applying Payments
    • Manually
    • Create New Payment from Revenue Menu
    • Mass Apply
    • Online Payments via Members Only/Events/Online App/E-Commerce
  4. Adjusting Transactions

Watch a recording of a previous Revenue 101 Training:

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