Communications 101 Training Curriculum

Communications 101 is an introductory course to using Atlas’s powerful communications and visibility tools. During this course, you will gain skills to help you communicate with and provide extensive visibility value to your members and constituents. You’ll also learn the easy ways to personalize your messaging, without having to communicate to each member one at a time. During this course, we will cover the following important items:

  • List and preference management
  • Creating and sending personalized emails using the Browser and SmartClient Mass Communicator

Once you complete Communications 101, it is recommended that you continue through the Communications 201 course for further learning.

Click here to see a list of upcoming Atlas 101 Training Webinars. Look at the bottom of this page to see any available recordings of past webinars.

Below is a detailed list of the topics covered in this training. Any link in this list will take you to m ore articles and videos to help you understand each feature and activity.

1. Walk-through of Mass Communicator - Browser
            - Subject and Message
            - Insert Special Fields
            - Using Templates (creating templates comes in Level 2)
            - Selecting Profiles
            - Selecting Invoices
            - Send Options
            - Email Message Analytics (Browser only)

2. Walk-through of Mass Communicator - SmartClient
            - Use all Member list
            - Override From info
            - Override Email/Communication Flag
            - Using Pre-Determined Lists
            - Subject
            - Message - Text/HTML
            - HTML Editor Quick tips and tricks
            - Insert Special Fields
            - Using Templates (creating templates comes in Level 2)
            - Send Email
            - Delay Send

3. Common List Management
            - All Members
            - All Member Past Due
            - By Affiliation Code (setup comes in Admin training)
            - By Category
            - All Prospects

4. Message Tracking
            - Message Status – touch on “resend” option.
            - Review data found there
            - Explain copying the Message to resend via Communicator


Watch a recorded version of a previous Communications 101 Training:

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