Integrating CardPointe with Atlas

Atlas integrates with Card Connect's CardPointe application as a Credit Card Gateway so that you can securely accept online credit card payments through your website and through Atlas. Using this integration requires that you set up an account with Card Connect. If you run multiple entities through Entity Management Features, you can set up and run multiple credit card gateways, one for each entity.

1. In Atlas select Admin -> Set Preferences -> Application Settings


2. Select the Credit Card Processing tab -> Select Edit/View Credit Card Gateways


3. Select New

4. Enter the name of your gateway (e.g. "Our CardPointe")

5. Set the Gateway Type to CardPointe

6. Scroll to the right to find the CardPointe credential fields, and enter the Merchant ID and your administrative Username and Password you use to log in to your CardPointe account. 



7. If you plan on using Automatic Recurring Billing, check the ARB checkboxNote: you do NOT need to check the "eCheck" checkbox if you use a CardPointe gateway - ACH payments are not available through this gateway. Click here for more information on ARB.
8. Select Save at the bottom of your screen. You can create multiple gateways if you have multiple CardPointe accounts, however you cannot use any other gateway integration (i.e. or Beanstream) in conjunction with a CardPointe gateway. If you are switching from a previous gateway type, you can inactivate that gateway by switching the Gateway Type setting to "None." 

After setting up your gateway, please update your Payment Type(s)


* Note: if you use the CardPointe gateway, you may not use the gateway direct-refund legacy feature in the Credit Card Payment Processing right-click menu. CardPointe (and all other gateways) should use the Adjustment tool to process refunds: /hc/en-us/articles/360025455391

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