Overview of the Committees Module

The Atlas Committees Module allows you to centralize all the information you track and manage on your committees. And because of it's flexibility, the Committees Module is suitable for all sizes of committee, including Boards of Directors, Task Forces, Sub Committees, and other short- or long-term versions of your committees.

Like all Atlas Modules, there are several areas of configuration and personalization that you can use to create a Committee structure that truly matches your association:

  • Committee Types-- to organize the various categories of committee you track. Click here to learn about Committee Types.
  • Representation-- to identify when an individual sits on a committee as a representative of a member company
  • Terms-- to identify when a person joins and leaves a committee
  • Affiliation Code designation - to utilize other features in Atlas that rely on Affiliation Codes (i.e., Event discounts, Web Content Restrictions, Mail Label Reports). Click here to learn about Affiliation Codes.
  • Web Content Records - to upload and archive Committee Documents. Click here to learn about Web Content Records.
  • Committee Reports - To help you track and analyze all the data you store about your Committees, Members and Meetings. Click here to learn about Atlas stock Committee Reports.

The Committees Module has two layers to it: the Committee Record and the Meetings Record. A committee will generally only have one Committee Record but several Meeting Records. Below are screen shots and descriptions of each level:

The Committee Record

The Committee Record has three tabs:

  • Committee Tab - where you store general information about the Committee
  • Committee Members Tab - Where you see a list of active and inactive Committee Members
  • Committee Meetings Tab - Where you see a list of Meetings in a Data Grid. Over time, you will add more meetings to this tab

The Committee Meetings Record has four tabs:

  • Meeting Info Tab - where you identify the date, location and purpose of a meeting
  • Meeting Agenda Tab - where you place the text from your Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes Tab - where you place the text from the Minutes of your Meeting
  • Attendees Tab - where you identify which Committee Members attended this event


 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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