Add a Certification to a Profile

Once you have set up your Certification Types (click here for more information), you can enter a Certification for any profile in the Profile Browser.

  1. Open the profile to which you need to add the Certification, and click the Certifications tab.
  2. Click Add Certification.
  3. Select the Certification Type for this certification. Note that each profile can only have one non-expired certification for each Type, so create your Types accordingly.
  4. Enter the Certification Number (tracking/ID number). This can include letters and special characters if necessary.
  5. Select the Certification Date. Note that the expiration date will be calculated based on this date and the length of the certification that you configured for this Certification Type.
  6. Click Save.

If you need to edit a Certification at any time, click Edit next to the Certification in the grid. If the profile renews their Certification, you can check the Renewed checkbox to reset the Certification Date/Expiration Date (while maintaining the original Certification Date as well).

At the bottom of the Certifications tab, you'll see a summary of all CEUs earned by that profile that contribute to the Certification that you entered, if you've entered Requirements when you set up the Certification Type. All CEUs listed on the CEUs tab that fall within the Certification date range will be listed, whether manually entered or transferred from an event. Click here for more details on entering CEUs.

You can view/export a report of a profile's certifications, as well as summary Certification information, using your Certification Reports.

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