Change an existing Non-Member Profile to a Member

If your new member already has an existing Profile Record in Atlas, making them a member is an easy process. You'll start by going to their Profile Record and checking the Member check-box. From there, you'll have options about how much info you want to place on their Profile Record.

Follow these steps to change an existing non-member profile in to a member:

  1. Open the Profile Record for the Profile you want to make in to a member. You can do this either with the Profile Selector or the Profiles Quick Actions bar. The Profile Browser will open.
  2. Check the Member check-box. The New Member window will appear.
  3. Check Yes if you would like to launch the Add a Member Process and fill in more information on this Profile Record. Note: This is the recommended process.
  4. Click No if you'd like to return to the Profile Record and either Save the record or add more information.
  5. If you clicked Yes, the Add a Member window will open. Click here to learn about using the Add a Member Process.




This feature is included or available for purchase with the following Atlas packages.


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